Scholarship Application For Careers in the Culinary Arts

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Deadline for completed applications is January 31st

In preparation for submitting the online application form:

  1. Print out the SAMPLE FORM below to see what is required to complete the online application.
  2. Have TWO current written letters of professional recommendation. Scan each as a pdf document and be ready to upload these in the application.
  3. Personal Essay: Tell us your story in a personal essay, 1000 word maximum – create the essay in any word processing software, then have it ready to copy and paste the essay into GOALS box on the application form. Please check your spelling and grammar. It makes a difference.
  4. Complete APPLICATION FORM: Give full and complete answers to all questions – be as specific as possible. Your application must contain your full name, complete home address including postal code, home or cell phone including area code, date of birth and email address. (If any of this information is not accurate, your entry will be disqualified.)
  5. Upon submission of the form, you will be asked to pay the $30 Processing Fee – please have your credit card handy. This fee is nonrefundable. In April, the recipients will be acknowledged at the Les Dames BC Chapter Scholarship Reception. For further information, please contact Taryn Wa at: scholarship@lesdames.ca
  6. You will not receive confirmation that your application has been received. You will know that it has been received once you have checked that your application is complete (last step before payment). You will receive a Paypal confirmation of payment.

To begin, click the APPLY NOW button below.  Once the initial form is submitted, you can continue to complete the form (2 additional pages).  An email will also be sent to you with a private link to the application form. With this link you will be able to  edit your application at a future date.

Sample Form

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